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Join with us now – It’s time to fight back.

Dear Friends,

If you feel like the Kentucky General Assembly is more likely to give you a kick in the gut than good policies and rational legislation, you’re not alone. If you think it’s time to do something about it, then join with KY120 United as we take the next step to support public school employees, state workers, and the families and communities we serve in all of Kentucky’s 120 counties.

This year’s legislative session was one of the worst for Kentucky educators and public service providers. Legislators passed:

  • A school voucher bill. They call it education opportunity accounts, but whatever its name, it will drain already inadequate funding from our public schools so taxpayer dollars can be diverted to support private schools—$125 million over five years.
  • A teacher pension bill that will shift new teachers hired into a hybrid benefits plan—making it harder for Kentucky to attract well-qualified new educators.

Three years ago, KY120 United formed to fight the infamous “Sewer Bill” attempt to gut teacher retirement programs, a battle ultimately won in the courts. Since then, KY120 United has grown to become one of Kentucky’s leading advocates for public education. We are active locally and in the General Assembly, fighting for legislation that benefits all students, educators, and public employees, while fighting against misguided policies.

This year’s legislative action illustrates many challenges remain. As we begin to envision an end to the pandemic and a return to something closer to normalcy, this is a time that demands ongoing vigilance and greater engagement by all of us.

To make that possible, KY120 United is partnering with the American Federation of Teachers. We believe mobilizing under the AFT banner affords us the best of both worlds—our own experience with grassroots activism here in Kentucky, and the expertise and national stature of a union of professionals who share our values and commitment to worker empowerment through collective voice.

We hope you will join with us to help make Kentucky a place where everyone has an opportunity to thrive. Teachers, school staff, public employees, university faculty and staff, and retirees from across the state are welcome to join us. When you take that step, you will become an associate member of the AFT. Membership gives us the organizational support that has made the AFT central to the professional lives of more than 1.7 million members across the nation. Click here for details on joining and how you can qualify for certain member benefits.  

All of us want to be heard. KY120 United is not afraid to raise our voices, if that’s what it takes to get officials to pay attention. We are tired of compromises in which we are the only ones making concessions.

For more information about KY120 United, what we stand for, and why we believe joining with the AFT will advance the values we share, visit our website

Together, we can knock down the barriers to progress in Kentucky. Now is the time to join KY120 United-AFT and stand together for what is fair and just!

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